Represents: Wisdom, Inconspicuousness, Humbleness, Healing

Wren is considered by the Druids to be chief among all birds. Even the name “wren” comes from a modernizing of the Celtic word “Drui-en” or “Druid Bird.”

Wren feeds and roosts in nooks and crannies and in the dark places. In spite of being small, Wren is a very loud bird. The song of a Wren can be ten times louder than that of a rooster. A single bird may have a repertoire of up to thirty different songs, making it the Bard of the Birds.

In the British Isles it is considered the Druid bird, and is often associated with Druids and humbly gaining knowledge. There is a story that the magpie offered to teach any bird to build as fine a nest as it builds. All birds refused, thinking the magpie arrogant for this claim. Wren, however, agreed to be taught. It is said that this is why to this day Wren makes such beautiful nests.

There is a Celtic legend that there was a contest to see who should be the king of the birds. The Wren suggested that whoever could fly the highest should be made king. The eagle thought this was great and immediately took off to show how high he could fly. Little did he know that Wren was hidden in his feathers, and when the eagle was at the top of his flight, Wren popped out and flew up another two feet and said, “Behold your king!”

Druids used the Wren’s song for divination, and saw the wren as having the power of healing. A wren feather is seen (on the Isle of Man) as a charm against drowning and no sailor would go to sea without one. Wrens are associated with the Celtic God Taranis, and it is said that if you disturbed a Wren’s nest or stole its eggs, that your own home would be struck by lightning and your hands would shrivel up.

A person with a Wren spirit animal will be humble and unassuming. They don’t mind being overlooked most of the time, as they know that this brings power. Being stealthy and unnoticed allows one to hear what one would normally not and see what one would normally not. To the Wren, being small and humble allows one to gain wisdom. Wren has the power to choose when she is noticed and when she is not. When she wish to be noticed no one will be able to overlook her. The wisdom of Wren knows the power of quiet watching. Although Wren seems quiet and unassuming, her wisdom runs deep, and if you cross her you may discover the power of her song!

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