Represents: Loyalty, stamina, family

Wolves are social creatures with a strong sense of family loyalty. Even so, they still manage to maintain their individuality. Wolves are free-spirited, but they also accept that they have a duty to the pack and to family.

Wolves are trailblazers and natural teachers. They are the ultimate guardians and guides. If you have Wolf as your spirit animal, you would make an excellent teacher, especially in the realms of spirituality and the sacred walk with nature. Because of this, people of the Wolf are particularly good leaders in the Pagan community.

Wolf also teaches us how to balance our individuality with our responsibility to family and to society. People of the Wolf are never “me first” people. They recognize that a balanced life is lived serving and taking care of the pack as well as taking time to be alone for introspection and self-care.

Wolf teaches us to have confidence in our ability to make our own decisions. Once we learn to listen to our own inner voice, we will come to trust our instincts and gain inner wisdom. When we have learned to do this, we can sniff out new territory, explore it, and make it our own.

Wolves often mate for life, and there are no orphans among the wolves. If a Wolf cub’s parents die, the rest of the pack takes care of it and nurtures it as their own. People of the Wolf are natural caretakers who embody the ideal of “it takes a village to raise a child.”

We’re all familiar with the image of the Wolf howling at the moon. In Taibhsear and many other traditions, Moon is a symbol of deep inner spiritual work that includes dreams, visions, meditation and shamanism. So the Wolf howling at the moon is a symbol of one who is a deep spiritual seeker who thrives on studying the deeper mysteries of life.

If Wolf enters your life, seek balance between personal identity and responsibility to the tribe. The lesson of the Wolf is that time alone and time with the tribe are not either/or situations. Wolf spends time alone, but always returns to the pack for social time as well.

People of the Wolf also have a strong sense of family and tribe, and will fiercely protect and defend their own. If your spirit animal is the Wolf, don’t fall into the trap of being too territorial. Know when to mark your territory, and when to let go.

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