Represents: Scholarship, inner depth, rhythm

The ancestor of the whale was a mammal that left the land and returned to the sea. This means that Whale is a symbol of leaving one place to dwell in another. Whale people have the capability of walking between the worlds, or existing in two places at once. This ability makes Whale a spirit animalic animal associated with the powers of shamanism and vision-seeking.

Whales travel in pods and call to each other over great distances, singing their songs and adding to them. Each pod of whales has a distinct song that members of the pod memorize, but they also add their own melodies. Whales are the bards of the seas. Because of this love of song and singing the memories of their own tribes, Whale is a symbol of the bardic traditions of the Druids.

If you’ve ever bought a relaxation recording, you’ve probably heard a few Whale songs. Their voices have the ability to mesmerize even humans who dwell on dry land. Their songs evoke mystery and wisdom, and speak to a primal place deep in our own souls.

Whale teaches us to hear the sound of our own inner songs, and once we have heard it and learned it, to share it with the songs of our people. Just as each Whale adds its own unique melodies to the pod’s song, Whale teaches us that the strongest tribes are those that honor both individual expression and the collective anthem of the people.

If Whale is your spirit animal, you already know how to look deeply within the depths of your own spirit to seek the collective wisdom in your own soul. Whale just reminds you to remember the song, and not to be afraid to sing it!. A whale spirit animal teaches you to value your own inner creativity and imagination.

Whale also teaches us not to sacrifice the good of the tribe when seeking our own voices. When Whale creates a new song, it is added, in harmony, to the lore of the pod. If it doesn’t fit, it remains unsung. If it does fit, it adds to the beauty and the lore of the pod’s song.

Whale doesn’t teach creativity solely for the sake of creativity. Whale is closely associated with the wisdom of the imbas, so the creativity that Whale brings is the inspiration that serves every member of the tribe.

The whales sound teaches us how to create with song. Because of this, Whales make excellent bards. If this is your spirit animal, you will either be an excellent musician or will hold a deep appreciation for music.

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