Which eggs are the healthiest? Eat them to stay well

Eggs are a source of important protein, as well as many other nutrients

Eggs commonly feature in our daily meals. They are a source of vital protein, as well as many other nutrients. How should you prepare eggs to maintain all their properties?

Nutritional values of eggs

74.8 percent water, around 0.44 oz of protein, around 0.35 oz of fat, including monounsaturated, saturated, and polyunsaturated fats approximately 0.04 oz of carbohydrates

Choosing the Right Eggs

When choosing eggs, pay attention to their size (from S to XL) and the way the chickens are raised, which can be identified by the labels:

Free Range and Cage Free represents eggs from ecologically raised chickens, which have free run outside and are fed organic feed.

Free Range represents eggs from free-range chickens, which also have access to free range and natural food.

Cage Free represents eggs from floor-raised chickens, which are raised in enclosed spaces and fed feed.

Other Terms mostly represents eggs from caged chickens, which are kept in enclosed cages and do not go outside.

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