Steps To The Sexiest Hairstyle Men Love Most

Deep Conditioner

The secret to achieving this wild beach style is to have maximum wave and little frizz. It all begins with healthy, hydrated hair.

Thickening Mousse

The focus of this style is on bounce, waves, and sensual volume. If your hair needs a boost, use thickening mousse after showering.

Surf Spray

Fortunately for us, hair companies have discovered that we adore beachy waves... and want to get them without submerging our heads in seawater.


You've applied thickening mousse and surf spray to your strands; now seal it all in with a blast of hot air. Turn your hair upside down and blow dry it without a brush.

Scrunch hair with your hands while you dry it, but don't go overboard: excessive scrunching will result in frizz.

Shine Spray

Are your reflections frightening you? A little shine is the key to beach waves that seem sensual and sun-kissed rather than sun-fried.

Avoid serums, which can flatten out the appearance you worked so hard to achieve. Spray will go on lightly, creating shine without leaving a greasy behind.

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