Small Kitchen Ideas To Steal To Avoid Feeling Confined

Make the Space More Streamlined

Because of the light-reflective quality of white, choosing an all-white kitchen may instantly make a space appear larger. 

Build Your Own Island

A counter-height work table serves as an island and eating room in this compact kitchen by designer.

Each Section Should Be Painted

Here's a fun way to divide a kitchen into zones and make it look larger: As the designer did here, use three blue tones to create depth.

Brighten up

Use a dark hue on only the bottom half of a tiny kitchen to ground it without making it feel cave-like, and a lighter tone on above. Natural wood ties this place to the surrounding forest.

Floor should be painted

The designer of this kitchen painted an enlarged glossy checkerboard print on the floor to open it up. The lively, vibrant colors complement the café curtain cloth well.

Skip the Hardware

To keep things looking clean, use inset grooves or cutout handles instead of visible hardware.

Install a Door Set

Install pocket doors to conceal your kitchen's most important working wall while you're not cooking or cleaning. This is a great concept for open floor layouts and studio flats.

Remove the Clutter

Do you have an old farmhouse sink or exposed plumbing that needs to be replaced? Install a sink skirt to conceal the debris, like they did in ancient English country kitchens.

Make Use of Your Island

An island's hangout side may definitely labor harder. It's perfect for keeping infrequently used objects if you design it with cabinets rather than a solid block of wood.

Choose a Vibrant Color

Install bold pendant lights to make a tiny galley kitchen appear more deliberate. This ombré pair illuminates it from head to toe and attracts attention upward.

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