7 Scientific Body Language Hacks To Look And Feel More Confident

1. Use Your Body and Your Words

Our communication skill is at least 60% nonverbal. If you solely concentrate on words, you use 40% of your abilities. You must practice verbal and nonverbal confidence.

2. Obtain Territory

Most individuals focus primarily on their words during interviews and dates. They plan what to say but seldom how. 

3. Inflection of Questions

Keep your head up, shoulders back, feet planted, and chest open. Having a confident physique makes you seem more confident. This is great bodily power—occupying space.

4. Eye Contact

Voice tone is one of the greatest nonverbal confidence faults. Confident individuals declare without questioning. 

5. Displaying

Confident folks know eye-gazing works. Look them in the eye while speaking and listening to boost your confidence. Too frequently we glance away, check our phone, or scan the room.

6. Improve Your Device

This surprising scientific fact relates to the size of your technological gadget! Harvard Business School researchers investigated if electronic device posture influences self-confidence and behavior.

7. Your self-assurance is contagious

Confidence goes beyond appearances. Our emotions greatly affect our appearance and how others see us. My TEDxLondon Talk explores the science of emotions and how confidence spreads.

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