Oreo Just Brought Back a Popular Cookie Flavor

Oreo is bringing back a famous limited-edition cookie flavor perfect for cozy season just in time for the holidays and colder months.

That's right! The first Hot Cocoa Oreos in years are returning to retailers nationwide. On X (previously Twitter), Oreo announced the

reintroduction of the limited edition flavor this week. The brand posted a snapshot of hot cocoa cookies with hot chocolate toppings

These Oreos have marshmallow and hot cocoa cream between two chocolate wafer biscuits. 

The brand released this limited-time taste in 2017, according to Allrecipes, but hasn't sold it again in years.

Local businesses have sold some returned Oreos packages. Oreo guaranteed they will hit shops soon, so fans should keep a watch out.

Soon after they arrive, grab a pack! Oreo is releasing limited-edition cookies again. Walmart sells Hot Cocoa Oreos for $2.98, but prices may vary.

Oreo also temporarily released Red Velvet Oreos last month. Oreo called its red velvet cookies with cream cheese icing creme its "most requested flavor" ever.

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