McDonald's Is Reintroducing a Popular Halloween Treat

McRib isn't McDonald's only old-school favorite coming this autumn. The fast-food chain's "Boo Bucket" trick-or-treating bucket will be released for Halloween.

Last Monday, the account stated that McDonald's would revive the popular Halloween treat with four patterns instead of three beginning Oct. 17.

Happy Meal diners may pick a green Frankenstein, orange pumpkin, white mummy, or purple vampire pail. We expect another year of spookalicious Happy Meals from McDonald's, but they haven't confirmed it.

After Instagram revealed the news, McDonald's followers commented with delight. I adore them all! The return this year is welcome "One wrote. "They're adorable," said another.

The advertising show Boo Buckets with lids, while last year's pails featured two-dimensional illusion covers connected to the handles.

"They still can't provide a lid? No thanks, "Instagrammer said. The lid was missing, therefore I didn't receive last year. Guess I'm doing the same this year "said another.

In 2022, McDonald's brought back Halloween pails after six years. White ghost McBoo, orange pumpkin McPunk'n, and green goblin McGoblin were design alternatives.

Boo Buckets were originally designed for trick-or-treating, but individuals have gotten creative with them. The pail may be used as a plant planter, drink bucket, or accessory.

Besides McDonald's, Burger King will give free "Trick-or-Heat" buckets for Halloween. These limited-edition, glow-in-the-dark buckets are inspired by Burger King's new ghost pepper menu items, which debut on Oct. 12.

Burger King's "Trick-or-Heat" buckets will cost $1 with any purchase in Nashville, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Charlotte.

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