Does Your Dog Love You? Here Are 7 Signs the Answer Is Yes!

Tail Wagging: 

A wagging tail is often a sign of excitement and happiness.

Eye Contact:

Dogs that maintain eye contact with you are displaying trust and affection

Physical Affection:

Dogs show their love through physical contact. This can include cuddling

Following You Around:

If your dog tends to follow you from room to room, it's a sign that they want to be close to you and are interested in what you're doing.

Bringing You Gifts:

Some dogs like to "gift" their owners with toys or other items. This behavior stems from their instinct to share resources with their pack.

Excitement When You Return:

 If your dog greets you with enthusiasm and excitement when you come home

Relaxation in Your Presence:

 If your dog feels calm and at ease when they're with you, it's a strong indication that they feel safe and secure in your company.

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