Did you know these vegetables are actually fruits?

Can you distinguish fruits from vegetables? Expect surprises. Many plant fruits are mistaken for vegetables.

Thus, certain fruits are physiologically fruits but are utilized as vegetables in savory meals, causing misunderstanding.  

In botanical terms, a fruit is a seed-bearing portion of a flowering plant that develops from its ovaries, while vegetables are its roots, leaves, and stems. 

Those five things you thought were veggies are actually fruits.

1. Tomatoes: One of the most misunderstood ingredients is tomatoes. Indeed. Tomatoes are fruit. They originate from the flower's base ovary and contain the plant's seeds.  

2. Egg plant: In eggplants, the flesh includes microscopic seeds, making them berries rather than vegetables.

3. Bell peppers:  Bell peppers, cucumbers, green beans, and red chillies are fruits! Bell peppers are the only Capsicum family member without capsaicin, which burns.

4. Pumpkin:  Although it looks too big to be a fruit, pumpkin is. It has seeds like other fruits and a slightly sweet taste from the plant. Pumpkins are also popular for sweet and savory muffins.

5. Avocado:  The creamy avocado is a fruit. Scientists name it a single-seed berry. University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources defines fruit as a flower's mature ovary.

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