Designs To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Attach Sconces On the Mirror

We found a unique solution because one mirror with hand-finished brass trim would have been too big to fit in the house. 

Go for Pearly White

In this bathroom, the designer used bright whites to create an open feel. The off-white window shade, white ceiling, and various white marble tiles create a bright but gentle ambiance.

Make Furniture Double as Counter Space

Designer added a small cabinet next to the sink in her Los Angeles bathroom to make up for the lack of counter space and storage. 

Source Vintage Statement Pieces

Use little vintage objects to create a statement if you have little space. A beautiful antique sconce between Mecox curved mirrors added romance to a 1960s West Palm Beach home bathroom.

Select Translucent Shades

Translucent window curtains provide seclusion without losing light. Designer's rattan shade combines those demands and adds texture and warmth to this bathroom.

Try a Floating Sink Basin

A floating sink basin saves room compared to a standalone sink or vanity. Designer chose a sleek black-and-white one for maximum contrast in this bathroom.

Take Inspiration From Nature

Create a natural retreat for ultimate relaxation. Display natural features like brick and stone in your home. Introduce them if you can.

Hide Stored Goods With a Skirted Vanity

This bathroom has a garden-inspired chintz dressing table and matching chair that tucks behind it owing to a smart setup. Other toiletries are hidden in the lovely skirt.

Choose Graphic Accents

In this bathroom, a wavy floor tile runs up the side of a built-in tub. Despite its small size, a bright red towel warmer provides storage and warmth.

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