7 Biggest NYFW Beauty Trends Are Too Good Not To Try Right Now

Fashion Week in New York For the fashion crowd, the Spring/Summer season is like September, when kids go back to school.

You get new clothes for the week, catch up with old friends, and see new styles that will inspire your outfits for the next season. It's kind of like a syllabus.

1. Mermaidcore Hair & Makeup

Mermaidcore has gone from being a style on social media to a real beauty trend at fashion week.

2. Graphic Lines

The cat eye, yes. It's a classic look, but it's scary because it takes a steady hand and precision to draw a clean wing on each eye.

3. Balletcore Hair Ribbons

The number of hair ribbons seen on models at the S/S '24 shows is proof that designers still can't get enough of ballet-inspired fashion and beauty looks.

4. Brushstroke Eyeshadow

You don’t need to be an artist to partake in this soft yet playful trend that popped up on a number of runways.

5. Knotted Buns

Even though Hailey Bieber made the 'clean girl' look popular last year, you can't argue that a slick bun isn't a good hairstyle for hot, sweating days.

6. Ethereal Skin

Models often have dewy skin on the runway, but this season, their skin was so dewy that it looked like it had been filtered.

7. Windblown Hair

Backstage at Eckhaus Latta, hairdresser Dylan Chavles told TZR that photos of people with their heads sticking out of car windows with their hair blowing in the wind gave her ideas.