12 Vintage Hairstyles That Still Look Elegant Today

1. Vintage Bob

This straight and well-groomed bob style is a great example of that. It is usually cut just below the ears or to the edge of the mouth.

2. Soft Pinned Curls

Soft pinned curls were one of the most famous hairstyles. They have a deep side part, straight hair on top, and soft, luscious curls at the bottom. 

3. Finger Waves

Finger waves are small, clear 'S' shapes near your head. They make a great frame for the face. In the 1920s, people liked it. 

4. Flipped-Out Short Bob

The flipped-out short bob was a popular retro hairdo in the 1960s. It says proper, polished, and in charge. 

5. Bouffant

The most important thing about this style is the volume on the crown, which you can get by teasing small pieces of hair in this area.

6. Beehive

It wasn't afraid to make a statement, which made it a favorite hairstyle of both famous movie stars and famous fictional figures.

7. Pin-Up Hair

A wide scarf and big sunglasses give off a glamorous, laid-back vibe, while a thin ribbon with a fun print adds a bit of preppy playfulness to your hairstyle.

8. Pin-Up Curls

This is one of the most popular vintage hairstyles: glamorous pin-up curls.

9. Victory Rolls

Even if you don't believe it, this hairstyle became famous during the war. 

10. Gibson Roll

The Gibson roll (or tuck) is another vintage hairstyle that’s still just as beautiful today.

11. Textured French Bob

Usually, a French bob is cut to the length of the chin and worn with full, straight bangs. Add texture to this old haircut to make it look more modern.

12. Retro Ponytail

Add a vintage or retro twist to a normal ponytail to make it look more stylish. Gather a piece of your hair at the top of your head and tease it to make it fuller.