Represents: Groundedness, patience, ancient wisdom

The Turtle spirit animal symbolizes a peaceful walk on this earth. The way of the Turtle is a long, slow and deliberate walk through life. Because of this, Turtle people are patient people who know that “Slow and steady wins the race.”

Turtles have existed for over 200 million years, so Turtle wisdom is ancient wisdom. Turtles are reptiles, and one of the older creatures on the planet. Many turtles also have extremely long lives, sometimes living to be nearly 150 years old.

Turtle carries her home on her back. If Turtle is your spirit animal, you always feel at home in most situations. People of the Turtle have an affinity for the ancient wisdom of the earth. Turtle people are naturally tuned into the elements, the land, plants, people and animals.

This affinity for and connection with all life extends beyond the material plane as well. Turtles are amphibious creatures who are comfortable in more than one world. This ability to cross between worlds with ease means that Turtle is also a spirit animal of shamans. If Turtle calls to you, be ready to have a special relationship with the Ancestors; the Shining Ones who have gone before us.

Turtle teaches us about patience, determination, and the ability to stay strong despite the obstacles or distractions life throws in our paths. If Turtle is your spirit animal, listen deeply to her guidance and trust the path no matter what distractions may come your way.

When tempted to stray from the path on your journey, you may call on the wisdom of Turtle when you need endurance. If you have Turtle as your spirit animal, you may be inclined to base your decisions on a deliberate process of reviews and considerations. It may sometimes take you longer than most to make your move, but the results tend to be long-lasting and solid  because Turtle people take the time to consider things thoroughly before making a move.

If Turtle calls to you, be prepared to live a life of quiet deliberation. Turtle is able to get along with most people in most situations because of her ability to be a quiet observer, always watching and waiting to understand the situation fully before leaping into the race.

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