Represents: Shared blessings, sacrifices, the Goddess

As anyone who has ever sat down to a traditional Thanksgiving meal knows, the Turkey is a symbol of sacrifice. He gives his life so others may live.

Because of this characteristic, many saints, martyrs and mystics have had Turkey as a spirit animal. This ability to make the ultimate sacrifice for the good of the tribe gives those with a Turkey spirit animal the power of transcendence. They are able to rise above the needs of self to meet the needs of others.

People of the Turkey know that all life is sacred. They feel the deep inner connection, common to all things, that is the neart, or the life force. Turkey recognizes that ultimately we are all one, and that what we do for others we ultimately do for self as well. Turkey has the ability to see this deep connection in the web of life.

A life with a Turkey spirit animal is a life of service to others. Turkey serves willingly, and not out of a sense of moral superiority, nor out of a sense of guilt or shame. Turkey people serve because such service feeds their souls; indeed, if you asked a Turkey why he engages in so many altruistic activities, he would respond, “I can’t help it. It’s just the way I am.”

Male Turkeys have a flap of skin called the snood. It starts at the base of the upper beak, between the eyes. A Turkey’s snood changes in appearance depending on the health of the bird. Because of its location and its use as an indicator of health and wellbeing, it is associated with the third eye in humans.

The third eye is the center for higher vision. It sees the hidden wisdom that others do not, and leads the seeker to higher knowledge and higher consciousness. Those with a Turkey spirit animal have a unique ability to see much that is hidden, and to use that knowledge to benefit others. People of the Turkey never use information gained in such a way solely for personal gain.

His association with feasting and giving thanks also means that Turkey is a symbol of abundance, prosperity, and the bounty of Mother Earth. This prosperity only comes after hard work and self-sacrifice, but these are sacrifices that Turkey people are willing to make, because they know that the health of the individual leads to the health of the tribe, and the health of the tribe leads to the health of the individual.

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