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Sencha’s Youtube channel, The Warrior Mystic, features videos on Druidry as practiced by the Black Mountain Druid Order (published weekly on Thursdays) plus music videos, meditations, and episodes of the old Black Mountain Druidry podcast.

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About Sencha

I first became interested in nature-centered forms of spirituality in 1976 at the age of sixteen. In 1978 I discovered Druidry and began exploring that path. In the mid-90s I studied various forms of Norse spirituality, including Asatru, Venatru, and Heathenism.

Sencha Skene

The more I learned about indigenous nature-centered spiritual paths from around the world, the more I came to realize that they all had many more things in common than they did differences.

Where I am now in my spiritual path is digging back through the mists of time to find the most ancient origins of nature-based spirituality; into the realms of shamanism. What did the first indigenous shamans have in common? Can we re-capture that commonality? Can we be shamans in today’s world? It is my belief that we can, as I’ve been doing it since the 1980s.

In that time, I’ve explored my path through writing books, music, and videos so that I may share what I have learned.

If you would like to join me on my journey, I welcome you with open arms.

I am also the Chief of the Black Mountain Druid Order.

Books by Sencha Skene

Foundational Druidry

In the Black Mountain Druid Order

“Druid” is probably the Gaelic equivalent of the word “shaman.” It means “oak wisdom” or “one whose knowledge is great.” The first version of the book you are now holding was written as a foundational course for members of the Black Mountain Druid Order. It was our manual for training those new to the Druid Path in what it means to be a contemporary Celtic shaman.

What is now the Black Mountain Druid Order was founded in 1997 by former members of Emerald Coast Druid Grove in Pensacola, Florida. When we moved to the Western North Carolina mountains in 2000, we often met in the town of Black Mountain, North Carolina, near Asheville.

Our Mother Grove was then called the Black Mountain Druid Grove. The Grove became an Order in 2003 when it began training apprentices in the teachings of the Black Mountain Druid Grove. As we grew as an Order, we gradually found ourselves shifting to an emphasis on Celtic shamanism. This book is a new version of the old Black Mountain Druid Order Handbook, which was revised and greatly expanded to reflect the changes in the nature of our Order as we introduced more shamanic teachings. The result of that revision is this book.

The primary mission of the Black Mountain Druid Order is to foster the growth and development of individual Druids and Druid Groves through the Black Mountain Druid Order’s educational programs, while helping our members to develop in mind, body spirit, and emotion through the Way of the Druid.

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