Represents: Fertility, the Goddess, new life

The Rabbit is known for its ability to procreate, for obvious reasons. A healthy female Rabbit can have as many as thirty babies per year in the wild, and even more in captivity. As such, Rabbit is a well-known symbol of fertility. The practice of sharing chocolate bunnies at Easter time in the Christian tradition hails back to an earlier, pre-Christian celebration of the Fertility Goddess.

Rabbit is a fast animal with the ability to outrun most predators. She moves by leaps and bounds. If Rabbit is your spirit animal, you may also find your life moving in leaps and bounds, with periods of slow and steady stability punctuated by times of rapid-fire activity. People of the Rabbit have learned not to expect things in a steady stream.

Contrary to popular belief, many species of Rabbit and Hare can make noises. This ability to scream can sometimes work to their disadvantage. These timid creatures often cry out in fear even when there is no danger there, but then predators hear their cries and come to eat them. In this way Rabbits allow their own fears to conquer them.

If Rabbit calls to you, examine your fears. As FDR said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Are your own fears putting you in danger where there may have been none had you not given in to worry and stress? Are your worries causing you to manifest the very thing you are afraid of in the first place?

Rabbit can also teach us that fear is a natural reaction to dangerous or threatening circumstances. It’s perfectly natural to be afraid of things that can eat you! The wisdom of the Rabbit lies in knowing the difference between fearing actual threats and fearing shadows of the imagination.

If a Rabbit spirit animal has appeared in your life, it may be calling you to examine your deepest fears. When doing so, ask yourself how likely it is that the thing you fear may come to pass, then change your plans to try to keep it from happening before leaping away.

Rabbit is associated with the Celtic Fertility Goddess Andraste. Followers of Andraste used Rabbits for divination purposes by asking a question and releasing a Rabbit. The direction the Rabbit ran indicated the answer to the question. As such, Rabbit people have the power of divination; especially in areas concerned with overcoming dangers or threats.

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