This collection of meditations uses the Sun God Lugh’s journey across Ireland to battle the Fomorians as a template and metaphor for the journey of the Celtic shaman/Druid. Each of the landmarks Lugh passed along his journey represents one of the phases of the journey of a Druid.



1 A Shouting Over Many Fords 11:59
In this beginning phase of the initiation of the Celtic shaman/Druid, the petitioner announces to the world that he/she is committed to the path and prepares to take the journey.

2 The Ford of the Loins 9:08
In this phase of the journey, the apprentice prepares to set aside the things of this world to prepare for journeying in the Otherworld.

3 The Gap of Separation 8:00
To be a Druid shaman is to live a life set apart from the ordinary world. This meditation helps the seeker contemplate what that might mean.

4 The Plain of Following 8:18
What does it mean to follow the path of the Celtic vision-seeker that is the Way of the Druid? This meditation helps to contemplate this.

5 Round Mountain of the Poet’s Spring 12:10
In Druidry as practiced by the Black Mountain Druid Order, we recognize and honor our Sacred Ancestors. In this meditation we learn how to seek their guidance as we walk the path.

6 The Mountain of the Gods 4:54
As we learn and grow in the wisdom of the Ancestors, our ability to contact and commune with the Gods grows. Eventually we are able to visit them in their high places at will to seek their guidance.

7 The Mythical Druid 7:00
At the end of the journey we have learned what it is to seek wisdom in the path of the Druid. At that point we have become the “Mythical Druid.”

8 Vision Quest 2:52
After passing through all seven phases of the journey, you may wish to perform your own Vision Quest. This brief recording tells you how.

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