Active Druid Meditations Volume 1 contains several basic meditations for those new to the Druid path.


1 Passive Meditation – 10:55
The Passive Meditation is the beginning of any active meditation. It is done as a method of grounding and centering.

2 Tree of Life – 16:40
The Tree of Life Meditation is a basic grounding meditation that draws on the life force.


3 Druid’s Egg – 11:33
The Druid’s Egg meditation is for protection, healing, and self-care.


4 Sacred Space – 14:54
The Sacred Space meditation allows you to travel to your own sacred space and to learn the beginnings of astral travel.

5 The Cave (Conquering Fear) – 14:05
This meditation is a method of conquering any fears you may have by facing them.

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