Represents: Magic, Omens, Wisdom

The owl is the symbol of the divine feminine, the moon and the night. It is the bird of magic and of darkness, of prophecy and wisdom. The owl is a shamanic spirit animal associated with the Welsh Goddess Blodeuwedd and the Greek Goddess Athena. Gwydion transforms Blodeuwedd into an owl by cursing her. As a symbol of wisdom and learning, the owl accompanies Athena.

Owls are nocturnal. Their excellent night vision allows them to seek out prey in dark hidden places. An owl spirit animal gives you the power to extract secrets that others may be powerless to uncover. If she is your spirit animal, meditate on the owl and things will be revealed to you in time. Listen to her voice inside of you. You will not hear not what is being said by others, but what is hidden. Sometimes this knowledge can come from the places you least expect, so trust your intuition and don’t let your own wants and desires get in the way.

If owl is your spirit animal, you can detect subtleties of voice that others cannot. People cannot deceive a person who has an owl spirit animal because yours is the gift of paying attention. As owl sits quietly on her branch in the dark watching and waiting, so People of the Owl tend to keep to themselves. Owl people tend to be quiet observers at parties and gatherings. Don’t mistake their passiveness for inattention, for they see all

Owl people can see into the darkness of others’ souls. Most owl people are at least somewhat clairvoyant because of this ability. It can be a very scary power to possess at times. Learn to trust your instincts about people by relying on the guidance of Owl.

Owls are also psychopomps, meaning that they conduct the souls of the dead to the Otherworld. Their keen vision and hearing allow them to hear and receive messages from the beyond, and to bring them back to this world.

This ability can sometimes be annoying or even a little disturbing at times, but like all gifts, Owls know how to take the bad along with the good. With a little practice with Owl as your guide, you will soon know how to pay attention when an important message comes through, and to protect yourself from the negative energies that can sometimes manifest with this gift.

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