Sencha Skene is a musician, author, and public speaker. I am currently accepting bookings for 2023! Please check out the information here for further information!

Book Signings

I am the author of many books. The most recent, Animal Wisdom for Druids, will be available in late spring or early summer of 2023.

This book will cover how to find your spirit animal, how to commune with your animal guides, and the Animal Wheel used by the Black Mountain Druid Order.

It will also contain an extensive reference section with characteristics of some common spirit animals.

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The book Foundational Druidry in the Black Mountain Druid Order is a handbook for the free Foundational Druidry course offered by the Black Mountain Druid Order. It is divided into three sections about Druidry as practiced by the Black Mountain Druid Order. The Earth Path section is about the Ogham, animal wisdom, and Deep Ecology. The Sun Path section is about the Wheel of the Year, Gods and Goddesses, and Rites of Passage. The Moon Path section is about dream work, meditation, and vision questing.

I am available to present workshops and book signings on any topic covered in either of these works. For more information see the contact form below.

Concerts and Music

I have been a musician since the 1970s and have been writing and performing music specifically for the Pagan community since 2000. I occasionally perform with my wife and daughter, making it a true family affair. Please visit my Bandcamp to learn more about my music. I’m now booking for the 2023 season. Please use the contact form below for more information!

A crowd favorite, The Order of the Flaming Robe, performed with my wife and our band at Upstate Pagan Pride Day 2019.


I’ve been public speaking since the early 1980s. My workshops feature audience participation, teaching valuable life skills for all who walk a nature-centered spiritual path.

Some topics I’ve presented in the past include:

Sencha presents a workshop in 2011
  • Nature-centered Spirituality
  • A Guide to Pagan Religions for Mental Health Professionals
  • A Guide to Pagan Religions for Law Enforcement Personnel
  • Dream Work
  • Meditation
  • Vision Seeking
  • A Sustainable Future
  • Ecospirituality
  • Animal Wisdom for a New Age
  • Tools of Druidry
  • Introduction to American Druidry
  • Rites of Passage
  • Elements of Ritual: Celebrating the Wheel of the Year
  • A Brief History of American Druidry
  • The Appalachian Fae
  • Contemporary Norse Spirituality
  • Wisdom Circles

If you would be interested in workshops on any of these topics, or would like to propose a topic, please feel free to contact me using the form below!

Video of a presentation on Midsummer 2010 at Spartanburg Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in South Carolina

Booking rates are based on the type of event, travel distance, accommodations, duration of event, and amenities. Please complete the form below for a quote for your project.