About Sencha Skene’s Music

I first began writing songs at the age of 11 in 1971. In 1974 I got my first guitar and learned to play. My early influences were folk rockers like Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and Dan Fogelberg. My rock influences were prog rock bands like Yes, Pink Floyd, and the Alan Parsons Project. My writing style is eclectic. You might hear a heavy metal song followed by a folksy ballad. I tend to write about my own personal experiences on the Pagan path while trying to keep it general enough to be somewhat universal. I released my first album in 2016 and have been releasing about one a year ever since. If you’d like to join me on my musical journey, I welcome you with open arms!

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The Warrior Mystic

Sencha’s Youtube channel, The Warrior Mystic, features videos on Druidry as practiced by the Black Mountain Druid Order (published weekly on Thursdays) plus music videos, meditations, and episodes of the old Black Mountain Druidry podcast.

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Sometimes the Wolves are Silent

Released in June of 2021, this album is a departure from Sencha’s usual folk rock influences. Sometimes the Wolves are Silent is more of a hard rocker with some heavy metal overtones. This album explores the Otherworld and the line between life and death where the veil is thinnest. Click on a link below to sample.

1 Sometimes the Wolves Are Silent 4:40

The title track of the album. Many years ago I saw this phrase on the bathroom wall of a pub in Clemson, South Carolina. At the time I didn’t realize it was a quote from George Carlin. This song is about how sometimes relationships devolve into the pursuit of material possessions, forgetting to make room for nature and each other.

2 Poetic Justice [Explicit] 4:03

I wrote this one back in the 1980s when I was having a bout of self-pity after a divorce. The song was my way of coming to the realization that I was perfectly capable of standing on my own two feet, if I’d just get out of my own way.

3 Wrapped Up in Glass 4:25

Another song from the 1980s. The original idea came to me in a dream about a lost love between a Lord and his Lady. It’s about how numbness sets in when you’ve given your all and there’s nothing left to give.

4 Lady of the Woods 5:50

A re-mix from a previous release on the Elder Tribe album. I wrote this one in the wake of restrictive laws being passed in 2016-2020 regarding women’s rights. The Lady of the Woods is an archetypal character representing how women have been oppressed throughout history.

5 Shining 4:47

Now that I’m in my sixties, the Otherworld feels closer than ever. This is a song about drawing near to that world, and what lies beyond.

6 Womb to Tomb 4:38

This is the oldest song on the album. I wrote it in 1975 for my high school band. I went to high school in conservative northern Alabama, during the middle of the Civil Rights Movement. The pressure to conform was tremendous, even then. Especially for a young man only beginning to explore Paganism. It was a dark time, and the lyrics reflect that.

7 Siannon 4:51

Ode to the River Goddess Siannon. I’ve spent most of my life in and on rivers…a true “river rat.” She’s always been by my side.

8 Gaia Cries 4:06

We’re rushing headlong towards a series of environmental crises. Unfortunately it’s probably too late to do anything about some of them. This song is a lament for Mother Earth.

9 Sanculus 2:56

An instrumental to finish off the album. I was thinking about the Sami part of my heritage when I wrote it. Not that it sounds anything like Sami music…it was more inspired by visions of the frozen north lands of Scandinavia.

Elder Tribe

In 2018-2019 I put together a band called Elder Tribe. With the exception of the lead guitarist, all of the members were in our 50s or 60s. The Elder Tribe album, released in December of 2018, was a self-titled album and the only one ever released by the band. The band broke up when my wife and I left South Carolina to pursue other opportunities in the Seattle/Tacoma area. This album is more of a rocker than my solo efforts.

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1 Firefly Mountain 4:32

A dream I had (hopefully not clairvoyant) about survivors of the Apocalypse creating a mountain village/commune and watching the world die in the valley below.

2 Black Cat Strut 3:26

A fun, silly song about my cat teaching me how to dance.

3 Lady of the Woods 6:50

I wrote this one in the wake of restrictive laws being passed in 2016-2020 regarding women’s rights. The Lady of the Woods is an archetypal character representing how women have been oppressed throughout history.

4 Someone Else’s Dream 4:39

I’m from a small town in South Carolina. I returned there for a brief time after being away for 20 years. This song is about all the ghosts that haunt places and feeling out of place and time upon returning.

5 Howlin’ At the Moon 3:09

For anyone who’s ever woken up confused, hung over, and feeling like a “beast.”

6 Samhain (Long Ago) 5:43

Everything old is new again. A song I wrote after spending a night in a cabin in the mountains with my wife at Samhain (our anniversary). It’s about how the old traditions are coming back and blending with the new ones at this time of year.

7 The Dragon and the Druid 3:03

The Dragon is a universal archetype that has been with us since the dawn of humankind. The Druids understood this and honored their power. As Druidry arises again from the ashes of what it once was, we are re-claiming that power.

8 Merely Animals 4:23

The “atheist” song on the album. Merely Animals is a sort of “protest song” against people who preach dogma and love to tell others what to believe.

9 Track 4 5:23

An instrumental track. Yes, I know that Track 4 is actually the 9th track on the album. Lead guitarists…can’t live with ’em…

10 When the World Was Young 5:41

A love song for my wife. We’ve been together many times before, and I’m looking forward to being together many times after this life as well.

Winter of the Wheel

Released in August of 2016, The Winter of the Wheel is a reflective album, looking back on 40 years on the Pagan path. Many of the songs are about my journey on this path, and how things have changed (mostly for the better) among the Pagan community in those 40 years.

Tracks on this album:

1 Maiden Mother Crone 3:46
2 The Sage 6:09
3 I Went Another Way 5:08
4 I Am Coyote 4:36
5 If I Could Only Tell You 3:45
6 The Goddess Rising 4:10
7 The Faeries Came Out to Play (Calderafest Song) 3:31
8 The Order of the Flaming Robe 2:54
9 Winter of the Wheel 3:26
10 The Elder Tree 4:22

Forest Echoes

Sencha’s first flute album, containing five extended tracks for meditation and contemplation. The songs were originally created as background music for Sencha’s meditation album, The World Tree.

Five songs; almost an hour of music. Inspired by the forests of Southern Appalachia.

Tracks on this album:

1 The Bell Branch
2 The Forest
3 The Tree of Life
4 The World Tree
5 The Tree At the Center

Mist on the Mountain

Sencha’s second flute album, inspired by locations in and around the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

Tracks on this album:

1 Ash Grove 4:51
2 Autumn Mists 4:37
3 The Swamp Rabbit 3:11
4 Spirit of the Wolf 5:36
5 Yellow Branch 4:12
6 Dragon Ridge 4:00
7 Firefly Forest 2:54
8 Stars and Cedars 2:11
9 The Raven At Midnight 4:13
10 The Owl in Winter 5:33

The Rainbow Warrior

Sencha’s third flute album featuring flute and the sounds of nature. Songs on this album were inspired by the colors of the rainbow.

Tracks on this album:

  1. The Good Red Road 5:49
  2. Cedar Mountain Sunset 8:19
  3. The Golden Dawn 5:35
  4. Green River 3:59
  5. Blue Sky 4:12
  6. Indigo Child 5:37
  7. Morning Glory 4:58
  8. The Black Storm 7:36
  9. Branwen 9:08

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