Represents: Scrutiny, detail, survival

Mouse medicine is both a great power and a great weakness. If Mouse is your spirit animal, it is good to pay attention to all details, but bad to over-analyze every little thing.

Mouse people can be fixated on methodology and appear to be nit-pickers. They will make the simplest task fraught with difficulty. Everything must be in order in a Mouse’s house. They are almost obsessive-compulsive.

Often, Mouse people are fearful of life. If you are a Mouse, you should try to see the larger picture. Even if you live in a small house in the woods, you are also part of the Earth, the galaxy, and the universe.

If a Mouse spirit animal has recently entered your life, ask yourself if you have neglected the trivial but necessary things in life. Have you become too focused on one or two activities to the point of neglecting other opportunities around you? Or are you trying to do too many things at the same time?

Mouse medicine can show how to focus and how to attain the big things by working on the little things.

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