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    Sencha Skene

      We began developing the Bard Course as a ‘beta’ course for free with the understanding that those who got to enroll for free would give feedback on the course so we could improve it before releasing the paid version.
      Unfortunately, although we had over 30 students enroll for free, only one student was actually posting any feedback on the lessons.
      Since this seems to indicate a lack of interest in continuing the program, we have put further development of the Bard Course on hold indefinitely.
      If there is any more demand for it in the future, we may continue but for now the Bard Course has been cancelled.


        I think people just do not know of the course.
        Im hoping you do continue the course. I have just finished the Foundational Course.
        It contained so much helpful knowledge and fun lessons to complete.
        This truly is the Path for me and I would like to continue to learn more.

        I took longer than the 1 year to do the Foundations course. I know people have busy lives and thats why I got behind too. The course you offer and FREE at that has been a true blessing to me. I truly appreciate everything you have offered with this course.

        Im really hoping there is a gain in interest for the 2nd part of the course.

        Sencha Skene

          We may try again next year. We had over 30 students, but nobody was filling out the evaluations. The point of presenting the course for free was to help improve it for future students, and filling out the evaluations were a condition of enrolling in the course for free.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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