Although Forest Moon Ecovillage was conceived of by the Black Mountain Druid Order, people of any spiritual path, or no spiritual path at all, would be welcome there. They would be free to practice their own paths with the understanding that Forest Moon Ecovillage is a place where all spiritual practices are welcome and tolerated as long as they do not harm others or attempt to interfere in the spiritual paths of others.

At Forest Moon it is our belief that a true spiritual path should be about working on one’s own spiritual development. If your spiritual path crosses the line into trying to “improve” or “correct” the spiritual paths of others, or to convert them to your way of thinking and believing, then it is no longer a spiritual path, but dogma.

We wish to create a spiritual environment that is tolerant of everything but intolerance. We will always strive to remember that tolerating intolerance is itself a type of intolerance, and spiritual practices in our community should reflect that ideal.

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