These are concept drawings, photos for inspiration, and descriptions for shops that were to be built at Forest Moon Ecovillage. The photos below are images similar to what we were planning for the shops and venues listed below.


The Amphitheater would have been an outdoor solar-powered stage based on the same at Bonnaroo (see photo at Bonnaroo below). It would be located within the community, but far enough away from the residential section that noise and crowds wouldn’t be a nuisance for residents. The Amphitheater would be in the center of the Artists Village (see next section). In addition to concerts, the Amphitheater could also produce plays and other outdoor productions.

Art Gallery

One of the visions for the future of Forest Moon was to have an open-air artists market at least once per month. There would have been a special section of the village containing booths, an outdoor stage, and concessions. Artists who were either residents of the village or visiting friends could display their wares. There was also the possibility of having permanent spaces for artists from the community. The center of the Artists Village would have been the Art Gallery. It would have been a sustainable building built using natural materials, inspired by Ilan Lael by artist and architect James Hubbell. It would have featured exhibits by residents, as well as guests from the larger community.

Food Co-op

Forest Moon Ecovillage would have a community garden plus greenhouses that would grow most, if not all, of the food for residents. There would be a food co-op that would be available for all residents of the ecovillage. They would offer labor in exchange for produce credits. The more labor provided, the more produce credits. In cases of surplus the additional food could be sold to the community at large and the profits could be re-invested into the food co-op. Residents who did not want to exchange labor for produce credits could also just purchase memberships for cash or for barter.

Forest Moon Coffee House

The Forest Moon Coffee House would have been last on the infrastructure list in terms of priorities; however, it would still have been an important structure because of its potential for community outreach. Depending on the location of Forest Moon, the Coffee House could have acted as an access point for the larger community, allowing visitors from the surrounding area to come to the village, have a cup of coffee, enjoy some musical entertainment, and see what the village was all about.

The picture above is from Intaba’s Restaurant, Cascadia Cob, Corvalis, Oregon, a coffee house that does a booming business. It’s well worth the visit if you’re ever in the area, and was the inspiration for Forest Moon Coffee House. Our café would feature both an indoor and an outdoor seating area. The courtyard would have a small outdoor covered stage for small acoustic musical acts.

Misty Mountain Shop

I’ve always had a passion for t-shirts, as working as a t-shirt designer was my first job that wasn’t fast food. Two years ago I bought enough screen printing equipment to produce t-shirts with sustainable printing methods that are environmentally friendly. Prior to that we were using contract printers to create our designs. Misty Mountain Shop has vended at multiple Pagan and Pagan-friendly events, including Calderafest and South by Southeast. The Misty Mountain Shop at Forest Moon Ecovillage would have been a permanent home for the shop, selling t-shirts and apparel at concerts in the village.

Witch in the Woods

Since Forest Moon would have been a Pagan-friendly community, of course there would need to be someplace for all the witchy types to get their supplies! Witch in the Woods would have been an apothecary, bookstore, and all-around general store for witches, Pagans, and Druids.

Yoga Yurt

The Yoga Yurt, based on a cob yoga studio built by Sunray Kelley, would have been home for the yoga instructors and belly dancers among our residents. My wife and I used to go to yoga sessions at a fairly remote location in the Appalachians, and I never forgot doing morning yoga with the doors open hearing the ambience of the birds singing and the smell of the spring breeze. The Yoga Yurt at Forest Moon would have provided a place for residents to enjoy nature while staying fit.

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