Cohousing is just sharing a home with someone. The Forest Moon Ecovillage concept could be expanded to include sharing certain facilities with all residents. For example, there could be a common laundromat so that individual residents would not have to buy those appliances. There could also be a common kitchen in the Council House for those who wish to share meals together. There is the possibility that there could be a day care center where residents could take turns caring for the children while others went to work.

Taken in its most basic meaning of sharing living quarters, there are two possibilities. One would be that individuals would share a house. Each would have their own room, and share common facilities like the bathroom and the kitchen. The other possibility would be that each individual or family would have their own apartment. The former has the advantage of being less expensive; if apartments are built, then each one would have to have a bathroom, kitchen, etc. On the other hand, the latter (apartments) has the advantage of offering more privacy.

From my own perspective, since natural building is so inexpensive, I’d prefer to see each resident family have their own home. It may be necessary to build a ‘bunkhouse’ type shelter for temporary residents who are staying for workshops and retreats, but if everyone is willing to help build each resident’s home on a barter system, then it would be possible for each resident to have their own home.

In any case, the Council House should have a kitchen so that it can be used as a communal dining area for those who wish to get together occasionally with other residents to share food and friendship.

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