Many of the potential members of the Forest Moon Ecovillage and members of the Black Mountain Druid Order are musicians and/or artists of one sort or another. When the village is built, it is our vision that it be a place for art and music to thrive.

Many natural building techniques, such as cob, adobe, and straw bale, lend themselves to a wide range of artistic expression. Such homes have a sculptural quality themselves, since they are hand-made from natural materials. It is a simple matter to incorporate all sorts of artistic effects into their construction. What this means is that even the buildings themselves at Forest Moon can be works of art, as the pictures on this page illustrate.

One of the goals of Forest Moon is to have an outdoor stage and amphitheater to be used for music festivals and concerts. This could be a major fundraising source for the village. It would also give us a venue for members who are musicians. We’d also like to have a coffee house so that smaller acoustic acts could play, especially during the winter months when the weather is too cold for an outdoor concert.

I’d also like to see a type of craft village or outdoor art mall with booths for rent. Members could also build their own booths or shops. This area would be open to the general public on a set schedule so that people could stop by and shop. We’d have several art and music festivals throughout the year as well so that we could attract crowds who may come back later for more purchases.

Another possibility is a hiking trail that would have benches, gazebos, and grottoes containing sculpture and art from members. Such a trail would allow members and visitors to enjoy the beauty of our members’ art while exercising and enjoying nature.
Since the overall theme of Forest Moon Ecovillage is sustainability through art and music, our goal is to create a place of serene beauty, using sustainable materials in an aesthetically pleasing, yet functional way.

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Check out the gallery below for examples of art and music that could be incorporated into Forest Moon Ecovillage.