Represents: Independence, Potential, Adaptation

Fish ae a symbol of freedom, movement, and deep cleansing of a spiritual nature. Water represents the powers of the unconscious mind, and fish are able to move through the waters unimpeded. A fish totem helps you to reveal your unconscious motivations and your hidden thoughts and feelings. They help to unlock the creative power and potential of the subconscious. Fish totems are especially good at helping us to reveal our hidden and detrimental unconscious motivations and feelings before they are able to do harm to us.

Most fish are playful, darting to and fro in the waters. They remind us to take time to play and enjoy life. Fish can teach us to adapt to all environments. They can also remind us to streamline our lives. The more we are able to do so, the more freedom we will enjoy.

Fish can give us protection when we need it and help us to connect to the most basic element of life: Water.

If a fish totem enters your life, it signifies the awakening of dream powers or other powers of the unconscious mind. It could foreshadow the appearance or enhancement of the gifts of prophecy and divination through dream work. Or it could be the awakening of other unconscious powers of divination, prophecy and clairvoyance.

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