Represents: Stamina, strength, nobility

Elk is a symbol of abundance. If Elk enters your life, you are in for a period of prosperity. Be aware that the prosperity of the Elk is rarely associated with material wealth; rather, he brings prosperity of a spiritual nature.

Elk often walk a dozen or more miles a day when grazing, but they do it a little at a time, stopping to nibble here and there along the way. Through this behavior Elk teaches you how to pace yourself. You might not be the first to arrive, but you will arrive without burning out because you’ve stopped here and there to take care of yourself along the way.

People of the Elk don’t try for quick and easy solutions to their problems; they know that the long and steady approach is the key to reaching your goals.

Elk are herd animals. If you have an Elk totem, you will feel the need for companionship or group support. Elk reminds you that you do not have to do everything alone. Elk people know that the best way to take care of ourselves is to take care of each other.

The graceful Elk is also a symbol of sensuality and raw sexual power, but it is a sexual power devoid of dominance or demand. The sensuality of the Elk is achieved by seduction through their gentle and persuasive ways of nurturing. If Elk is your totem, you will treat your romantic partners as equals, sharing everything from pleasure to responsibilities.

Elk people have the ability to sense danger before most other people. Since Elk is a herd animal, when one Elk senses danger, others are soon aware. The Elk’s limbic system, the part of the brain responsible for emotions and for the fight or flight response, is nearly five times the size of a human’s limbic system. If Elk is your totem, you will be more sensitive to the emotions of others than most people are. Because this sensitivity can trigger your fight or flight response, you may tend to be more temperamental or moody than other people, simply because of this heightened sensitivity to other people’s feelings. But I you call upon the wisdom of the Elk to guide you, you will soon learn when to fight and when to flee, and when to simply stand your ground.

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