Represents: Faithfulness, protection, seeking

Dogs are known for their loyalty. There are stories of Dogs waiting faithfully in vain at gravesides for their masters who have passed away, and stories of Dogs who, having been separated from their owners, have traveled hundreds or even thousands of miles to be reunited with their families. These stories speak to the unbreakable bond that Dogs have with their human friends.

Dogs were probably one of the first animals to be domesticated by humans. They have lived side-by-side with us for thousands of years. They are truly man’s best friend, offering service, love and protection to their owners.

If Dog is your totem, you have a fierce sense of loyalty and duty and a need to protect the ones you love and care about. You are loving and gentle to those you care about, and ruthless in protecting them if they are threatened.

Dogs have an indomitable spirit and are very forgiving creatures, and People of the Dog share these characteristics. They will go with you to the end of the journey, offering companionship, love and trust along the way.

There are many breeds of Dog, so people with a Dog totem need to look further to determine the characteristics of their particular totem. Is yours fierce like a pit bull, or a playful companion like a toy poodle? Is your Dog a protector, like a Rottweiler, or a hunter like a bloodhound?

Dog people generally attract totems that will give them something that is lacking in their own lives. If, for example, your Dog is a protector, it means that you have areas in your life that are in need of protection.

Think carefully about the characteristics of your particular Dog totem, and use them to enhance your own spiritual journey. Ask for guidance and help from your spirit guide and he will come when you call him.

When Dog enters your life, it is a reminder that kindness opens more doors than criticism. Dog also teaches you to be loyal and truthful to yourself and to the ones you care about. Dogs have the capacity for unconditional love, and they remind us to find and use those qualities in ourselves.

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