Represents: Longevity, focus, justice

To the ancient Druids, Crane was a symbol of nobility and justice.

Crane people have a sense of secrecy and protectiveness. A Druid carries his talismans in a Crane bag. The bag isn’t called this because it is made of the skin of a Crane. It is called this because of the great respect the Druids held for Cranes. One of the divinatory positions used by Druids emulated the posture of the Crane.

The Crane pose involved standing on one foot while extending one hand and covering one eye with the other hand. In the British Isles there are places where a single footprint has been carved into the rock. Some believe that this single footprint was used to execute this position. The Crane Pose was used for divination and to curse opposing armies.

Crane reflects the importance of doing one thing at a time, and living in the moment. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. If we focus on the thousand miles, we will never take the first step, but if we focus on the first step, then the next, and the next, our journey will be accomplished in time.

Because of Crane’s ability to stand on one foot for extended periods of time, it is a symbol of balance. If Crane is your totem, she is calling you to find balance in your life. This is especially true in matters of honor. Crane’s lesson is that although life often isn’t fair, that doesn’t mean that we cannot be fair and just ourselves.

A Crane totem entering your life could signal recovery of what was lost to you. She calls us to seek justice, but not vengeance. If this seems impossible to you, ask Crane to help you accomplish it.

Crane reminds you to celebrate your creative resources and to keep them alive by having the proper focus in your life. She does this by teaching patience. This can sometimes be a hard lesson, because the way to learn patience is to go through life experiences that try your patience.

If you are a Crane, be aware of the intensity of your focus. Cranes tend to be single-minded when setting goals, but if they focus too intensely they may miss what is going on behind the scenes.

People of the Crane are people who are good with divination and clairvoyance. They see much. If you are a Crane, pay particular attention to what your dreams may be telling you.

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