Represents: The Trickster, cunning, deception

The Coyote teaches us how wisdom is the twin of foolishness. In the antics of others, we learn to see our own foolishness and we learn from their mistakes. If Coyote has entered your life, be prepared for “Murphy’s Law” to take over.

Coyote teaches through humor and the ability to laugh at life’s absurdities and ironies. Coyote strips away the masks we all wear so that we may get to the truth underneath all the fronts that we put on for others and for ourselves. The howl of the coyote stirs something primitive and passionate in our souls, and reminds us to return to the place of the beginning: That childlike sense of wonder and fascination with the beauty of the world.

Coyote is a survivor, and is able to adapt to new situations by learning to bend and flow. The Way of the Coyote is to understand that all things are sacred, yet nothing is sacred. If you have any sacred cows in our life, coyote will be sure to devour them.

Coyote is also a strong protector of family. Coyotes often mate for life, and will fiercely defend mate and cubs. If coyote is your ally, family is important to you. Coyotes will often adopt cubs who have become parentless. They realize that family is not always a matter of blood, but of spirit.

Coyote is the Trickster, who teaches by becoming a mirror. Coyote’s tricks and jokes reflect our own folly and stupidity back to us until we realize what is happening and learn from it. Coyote will continue to hold a mirror up until we learn to see our true ourselves, or until we become so angry and frustrated that we lose sight of our spiritual paths.

If coyote has chosen you, learn to look for things you may have been avoiding or refusing to acknowledge in your own life. This sometimes manifests in strange ways. Look at what you criticize the most in others, and see if you yourself have those same characteristics.

If the coyote has chosen you, look closely at ways you may have been giving energy to foolishness. This is especially true in relationships, since we often fool ourselves in relationships, and refuse to see what is plain to everyone else.

Remember that coyote’s ultimate goal is not to anger or frustrate, but to teach. In order for coyote to teach, we have to be willing to learn.

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