Represents: Patience, independence, timing

The cougar, or mountain lion, is a dweller in the high places. She is agile and graceful. Dwelling in the mountainous areas as she does, she has an excellent sense of balance.

Cougar knows how to manage her energy by sitting for long periods of time waiting for prey, then pouncing when the right opportunity comes along. She teaches us about the balance between action and rest. She knows about right timing and can teach us about the ways of patience.

The female mountain lion encourages the young to leave the den when their time has come to venture out into the world. She is always watchful and ready to save them from danger, but she allows them to grow in independence. Cougar knows when to hold on, and when to let go. This is the mark of the true teacher and leader.

If Cougar enters your life, she is calling you to be a leader. She has recognized strength and leadership in you and is here to assist you in your endeavors. Cougars are solitary animals. They know that being a leader can be a lonely position, simply because with leadership comes the realization that it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time.

Cougar knows how to set firm boundaries and how to stick with them. Her grace and agility allows her to find the balance in any given situation. This means seeking out consensus when necessary, but it also means having the wisdom to know when not to give in to the temptation to compromise.

When Cougar arrives, it is a sign that you are about to come into your own power. This may not be power in the way that the world sees it, but power in a way that is meaningful to you personally. She calls you to search inwardly and find the strength to follow your own path with agility and confidence.

As a stalker of prey, Cougar knows when to be seen and when not to be seen. She has a mighty roar and can call attention to herself when necessary, but she only seeks such attention when it serves a useful purpose. She does not seek attention merely for attention’s sake.

Cougars are sensual animals as well. If she calls to you, it could mean that you are about to have a period of intense physical romance. It could also mean that you may seek wisdom through exploring your own sexual power.

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