Represents: Curiosity, observation, nurturing

The “Mother Hen” is a symbol of fertility, and eggs are associated with fertility and healing. The Druid word “ovate” comes from the word “ova,” meaning “egg.”

The healing class of the ancient Druids, called “Ovates” according to Pliny, were recognized by the egg-shaped medallions they wore around their necks.

Those with a Chicken, Hen, or Rooster totem have the power to nurture and heal. The great Welsh bard, Taliesin, transformed himself into a grain and was eaten by the Goddess Cerridwen, who had assumed the form of a hen. She carried him nine months, and when he was born again he had all the wisdom of Cerridwen’s sacred cauldron of inspiration.

This means that the Hen totem has the power to transform. This is especially true of the ability to transform children by teaching, guiding and nurturing them.

Roosters wake all the animals on the farm by crowing at dawn. As such, they are a symbol of exuberance and extroversion. Roosters may also be tenacious in guarding their territory. This tenacity is where we get the idea of “pecking orders,” as Rooster will quickly establish a hierarchy and let everyone know who’s boss!

This tendency to be stubborn in protecting his turf is balanced out by a gregarious nature. Rooster people tend to be outgoing and the life of the party. Both Rooster and Hen challenge us to step outside of our comfort zones and to take care of the flock.

Some species of Chicken can fly short distances. They manage this with quick bursts of energy. This means that Chicken people, while good at short-term goals, sometimes tend to lose track of long-term goals. In doing so they sometimes miss the big picture, and wind up scratching in the dirt for scraps.

Chicken’s magic lies in learning patience and in making a lot out of a little. If a Chicken totem enters your life, be prepared to learn how to be frugal in your dealings while still being able to nurture and maintain your flock. Chicken teaches us to manage our resources wisely and to be prepared to leap on an opportunity when it presents itself. People of the Chicken know how to take advantage of opportunities that others might miss.

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