Represents:  Mystery, Magic and Independence

Cats and humans have lived side-by-side for at least 5,000 years. Because of this, cats have learned to communicate quite well with humans, and some humans have also learned to communicate with cats.

A Cat totem is about the power of communication. They are said to have the ability to walk between the worlds, so if Cat is your totem you excel not only at communicating with people and other animals, but also with the Otherworld. Cat people are good at receiving messages from those who have gone before. These messages may come in the form of dreams or just as an intuition.

Cat people are agile of mind, body, and spirit. They are quick to land on their feet in most situations and are able to recover quickly from trying situations.

Cats can see in the dark as well, so if Cat is your totem, you have clearer powers of perception than most people. You have the ability to look into the darkness and find the light. This ability gives Cat people courage and confidence in the face of adversity and trying times.

The Welsh Goddess Cerridwen was said to be attended by white cats, and Brighid is the Matron Goddess of small animals. Both of these Goddesses are associated with wisdom and inspiration, so the magic and mystery of the Cat totem is also associated with poetic inspiration and divine wisdom.

And of course, most witches are depicted with their familiar Cat by their side!

Cat energy is associated with feminine grace and sexuality. Cat people are sensuous and tend to be devoted to getting the most out of romantic relationships by being sexually adventurous.

When a Cat totem enters your life, prepare to delve into the greater mysteries of existence and to commune with the wisdom of the Ancestors. People with the Cat totem tend to be independent, self-sufficient, and sure on their feet. They also have a tendency to be unpredictable, generally doing what you least expect. They steadfastly refuse to be bent to the will of others, and walk their own path.

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