Represents: Sacredness, abundance, connection

Although the Buffalo was not a native to the British Isles or Celtic Europe, it is held as sacred to many Native American tribes in North America. Celtic immigrants to North America recognized this sacredness, as one of the more common forms of divination among ancient Druids was the act of “bull sleeping.” This rite was known as tarb feis (pronounced “tarv fesh” or “darv fesh”) and involved sleeping under a waterfall wrapped in the hide of a freshly slaughtered bull.

Since our Order honors the spirits and traditions of place in North America, we respect the sacredness of the Buffalo.

If you have a Buffalo totem, you walk a sacred path. Such a path honors every walk of life, and considers all paths to be sacred. It is a humble path and the way of the caretaker. The Native Americans of the plains depended on the Buffalo for sustenance and for shelter, making their tipis and their clothing of buffalo hide. The Buffalo was therefore the caretaker of the tribe, and those with a Buffalo totem are responsible for nurturing, protecting, and sustaining their own tribes.

Buffalo energy is the energy of Mother Earth. Those with this totem have a deep connection to nature and feel most comfortable in the wilderness. They are the guardians of forest and plains, and are usually active in preserving the environment for future generations.

Buffalo also brings strength of character and a spirit of independence. Buffalo people are honest and are capable of speaking truth to power. Buffalo is a totem of prosperity, and Buffalo people can point the way to abundance for all, and not just for a chosen few.

Buffalo does not force an agenda. Instead, people of the Buffalo know that when one walks a sacred path, prosperity and abundance naturally follow. Buffalo magic lies in living each day with a spirit of gratitude for all that the earth provides. Buffalo people work for the good of all people, so it is a totem of respect and tolerance for different paths and different cultures. If Buffalo is your totem, you will work to promote unity and tolerance for all.

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