Represents: Protection, safety, caretaking

 Armadillo is a symbol of protection because he carries his protection on his back. His safety and security are a part of his body and therefore a part of his total being. He cannot separate this protective aspect of himself from himself. To do so would mean death to him. If his ability to protect himself were taken away, he could quite literally not live without it.

“Safety first” is Armadillo’s motto. If Armadillo is your totem, you have a natural gift for magic involving protection of self and others. Armadillos are natural defensive warriors. Because of this, Armadillos make good police officers, security guards, and other guardians. Their natural tendency is to protect, so Armadillos sometimes have difficulty in saying “no.” Their natural inclination is to help others, but after too much time spent saying “yes” to others, Armadillo may react by throwing up a wall that is difficult to penetrate. At this time, armadillo may need to retreat for a while to take some “me” time for personal healing and growth.

Armadillos are fond of water. The nine-banded Armadillo often burrows near streams or lake beds, and Armadillos can remain underwater for up to six minutes. Water is associated with the power of the unconscious mind, so Armadillos excel at protective magic that deals with making the unconscious visible by dragging one’s inner demons into the light.

Armadillo is also associated with music. Some South American musicians use armadillo shells to make lutes. These lutes are sometimes used for music involving healing and protection, so Armadillo may also be your totem if you are a musician who writes or plays music of a healing and soothing nature.

If Armadillo is your totem, you will naturally be offered opportunities to help others. This totem can also lead you to the fulfillment of your dreams, but such achievement often means periods of self-sacrifice for Armadillos. Be wary that you are not sacrificing too much of yourself along the way. Learn when and where to spend your energy wisely, and you will prosper.

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