Represents: Hard work, focus, single-mindedness of purpose

The ant is very hard-working. Some ants are solitary but most are part of a large community that has to work together to achieve its ends. In each community there is a wide variety of specialties that each individual ant can perform. An industrious ant knows where she fits in and what her role is. Each ant knows his place and performs his duties with total loyalty to the whole community or tribe.

Ants are also excellent builders, constructing vast fortress communities. This skill means that the ant can teach us how to turn our dreams into reality through hard work.

The power of ant medicine is teamwork. Each ant will do her part to ensure the survival and health of the whole colony, regardless of the role she has been assigned. If ant has to fight, she will; if ant has to dig tunnels, he will; if ant has to travel miles away from the home colony to bring back food or supplies, she will, without complaining or slacking off.

Ants are selfless servants always looking out for their fellow community members. They focus on the best outcome for the community and teach the art of self-sacrifice and true service to the tribe.

Even the queen of the community takes part in this self-sacrifice.. The queen ant has wings, and therefore the ability to fly, until her eggs have been fertilized. Once fertilized she pulls off her own wings. She thus sacrifices her own flight for the birth of the newborn. The queen ant teaches us that it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice our own freedom for the good of the community.

Ants are tireless workers and hunters and teach the art of perseverance and patience in all that they do. If ant is your totem you will find that many of your life lessons will involve the mastery of patience in some way.

Ant medicine is subtle yet powerful. It teaches us how to release our egos, and it teaches us the value of equality. In ant magic, all members of the community are important, and all are valued.

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