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Animal wisdom is the wisdom our spirit animals teach us. A spirit animal is an animal soul that functions as a teacher, companion and helper. Some consider the practice of taking a spirit animal as the practice of drawing the archetypal energy of that animal into yourself.

You may have more than one spirit animal, but most people have a primary spirit animal who serves as both familiar and helper.

If you don’t already have a spirit animal here are some ways of finding out what your spirit animal is.

Ask yourself the following questions and see if your spirit animal reveals itself to you:

  • Is there a particular animal that you find yourself drawn to?
  • When alone in the woods, is there a certain animal you find yourself looking for?
  • What animal do you enjoy learning about?
  • Does a particular animal keep showing up in your dreams?
  • Have you ever been bitten, chased or attacked by a particular animal?
  • Do you collect paintings, statues, stuffed animals or trinkets of a particular animal?
  • If you’ve ever gone hiking, were you followed by a particular animal?

If you’re still uncertain after reading this list, then do a brief meditation before bedtime, and ask your spirit animal to reveal itself to you. Make a note of your dreams that night. Did any animal show up? If not, keep doing a meditation and recording your dreams until your spirit animal reveals itself to you.

Need a little extra help? Here’s a Discover Your Spirit Animal Meditation by Cerridwen Raineach, a member of Black Mountain Druid Order.

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