Some members had suggested creating a monthly or quarterly newsletter for our Order. We now have over 3000 members worldwide, and such a newsletter might be helpful for members and for those interested in possibly joining the Order in the future.

Such an undertaking would require people willing to contribute on a regular basis. Some potential topics for contributors might be:

  • Sustainable living
  • Animal wisdom
  • Ogham/herbalism
  • Celebrating the Wheel of the Year
  • Gods and Goddesses
  • Rites of Passage (including how you celebrate a rite of passage in your Grove)
  • Meditation
  • Dream Work/Dream Interpretation
  • Druidic shamanism/vision seeking
  • Crafts
  • Traditional recipes
  • News reports on local events

Regular contributors would receive free advertising in the “Classified” section of the newsletter.

If you are interested in contributing, please fill out the form below!