One of the first things students in the Black Mountain Druid Order learn to do is to calculate the month of their birth and to find the tree associated with it. This can sometimes be confusing because we use a lunar calendar of 13 months rather than the familiar 12 month solar calendar. Because of having 28-day months, a universal calendar can be constructed that can make it easier to find your birth moon and therefore your birth tree. The starting date of each Tree Moon always falls on the same date, with the exception of a leap year. In a leap year the dates are slightly different. The first step in finding your birth moon is to determine whether or not you were born in a leap year. If you were not born in a leap year, then the starting dates for the Tree Moons are as follows. If you were born in a leap year, or if you were born in the Southern Hemisphere, visit the Black Mountain Druid Order’s website at and type “how to calculate your birth month” into the search field.

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  1. What about Sequoia Sempervirons? (Coast Redwood). I know it’s not traditional to the British Isles, so the ancient Druids did know of the Coast Redwood. But, frankly, it is older, larger and superior to all other trees. The Yurok people of Northern California consider them to be Gods.

    Just something to think about.


    1. In future videos, we’ll discuss how since the plants of the ogham were native to the British Isles and don’t grow everywhere, it’s possible to substitute local varieties in your own ogham. So coastal redwood would definitely be a possibility.

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