Druidry is political. There…I said it.

In ancient times, the sagas tell us, Druids were advisors to kings. They were judges and politicians. They were involved in war, and in peace-making. It was said that a Druid could walk onto the field between two armies about to fight and stop the battle with a mere word. In short, Druids were political.

There is a tendency in modern Druidry to want to avoid any sort of political discussions for fear of offending someone. I believe this is misguided. Druids have always been involved in political issues. It was probably the very reason for their existence in the first place.

I first got involved in Druidry when I was living in a very conservative place in the Bible Belt. Back then it was mental self-preservation to find a group of like-minded people in the middle of such madness. How mad was it? I finally left that place after waking up one morning to shrapnel in my front yard after Christian terrorists bombed the women’s health center across the street from my house. At the time, in that place, finding a Grove of Druids was a way for me to preserve my sanity.

To me Druidry has always had a political element to it. There are differences among the various Orders, but for the most part, Druids seek to live at harmony with nature. To my way of thinking, I can’t see how it’s possible to honor nature while embracing a political ideology that seeks to destroy nature by building pipelines, subsidizing fossil fuel industries, and removing environmental protection regulations.

The Four Sacred Pillars of our Order embrace reverence for nature and the Ancestors, respect for diversity, service to the community, and spiritual growth. These elements are inherently political as well. You can’t really have reverence for nature while polluting and destroying the environment. You can’t really respect diversity while discriminating against people because of their race, gender, or sexual orientation. You can’t serve the community while actively working to limit or eliminate the rights of certain members of that community. And you can’t grow spiritually if you embrace a political ideology that seeks to destroy all forms of spirituality but Christianity.

I know that there are people who claim to be conservative Druids and Pagans. It’s not my place to judge them for their ideology. I just have a hard time understanding it. To me, being a conservative Druid is somewhat akin to being a Satanic Christian. The ideologies just aren’t compatible.

There may be conservative members of the Black Mountain Druid Order as well. I wouldn’t know, because of the unspoken rule in the Pagan community that you don’t talk about politics. The only requirement for membership in our Order is adherence to the Four Sacred Pillars. These pillars seem to me to conflict with conservative ideology as I understand it. That doesn’t mean that conservatives can’t be members of our Order. It just means they’re expected to adhere to our principles. While I can’t see how that’s possible while still espousing a conservative ideology, that doesn’t mean that others won’t find a way to make it work. More power to them if they can.

The bottom line is that Druidry always has been and always will be political. I may make my own political posts from time to time simply because politics and Druidry intersect so often. If one of those posts steps on your toes, feel free to start a discussion as long as you can be respectful and considerate to others when doing so. If we don’t all start talking to each other, things are only going to get worse. So let’s set aside our differences and open a dialog.

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  1. I think it is important for any belief system to be recognized in our political system. It’s unacceptable that our nation is skewed to the point that simple principles (like showing reverence to nature, aka protecting and caring for lands) are even part of politics. This should be part of the human experience and I will always stand up for my beliefs. I tend to be a little on the protesting end of the spectrum…but I think that’s important too. A silent mouth will never be fed.

    1. I have to say I love that last comment. A silent mouth will never be fed. Perfect little tid bit of wisdom I was looking for today. Thanks Jayne

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